Statement of Community Involvement

Revised Statement of Community Involvement

We are in the process of updating our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Local councils are required by the Government to produce an SCI. The role of the SCI is to outline our standards for community involvement in the planning process and to identify ways we will achieve these standards.

Our SCI was initially published in 2006 but has since been updated and we adopted our current SCI in July 2016. It therefore needs updating to ensure that it reflects new Government requirements set out in current planning acts, regulations and guidance and to recognise the increasing use of electronic communication.

The SCI sets out our approach to community engagement in three parts:

  1. Part A: Community Involvement in Dacorum’s Plan-making and Planning Policy: the preparation, alteration and continuing review of planning policy documents including the Dacorum Local Plan
  2. Part B: Community Involvement in the South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan (JSP)
  3. Part C: Community Involvement in the Planning Application Process: involvement in planning applications.

The SCI explains when we will consult the community in relation to planning applications, development plan documents and supplementary planning documents; what publicity and consultation we will expect from applicants before they submit a planning application; how we engage with the community and who we will involve.

Much of the text of the current SCI has been retained, with minor changes made to the format to update and include new coverage and simplify the text to make it easier to follow (as necessary). The main changes are:

  1. Within Part A -  A number of diagrams have been introduced to help illustrate the opportunities for community engagement associated with different types of planning policy documents we may prepare. Further detail has also been added to explain community engagement processes associated with neighbourhood planning and the level of support we are able to provide to assist with such plans.
  2. Within Part B - This is a new section in the SCI which sets out how the South West Herts authorities will jointly engage with the wider communities across the area as they prepare the new South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan (JSP). In broad terms, the principles of engagement on the South West Herts JSP reflect those which will be followed by ourselves in preparing Dacorum's Local Plan.
  3. Within Part C - The text has been expanded to better explain the types of applications we get involved with, how we will notify and consult with local people in respect of those applications and the types of comments that can or cannot be taken into account when assessing planning applications. New explanation has been added on what to do if a member of the public considers development may have happened, or be happening, without permission.


We ran a consultation on the revised Statement of Community Involvement between 1 March 2019 and 14 April 2019. Responses are currently being considered. 

Current Statement of Community Involvement

We adopted our current SCI on 13 July 2016 (see below).

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