Personal licences

A personal licence is a portable licence issued to an individual which allows them to authorise sales of alcohol from premises that hold a premises licence.

A personal licence:

  • is granted to an individual;
  • has effect indefinitely; and
  • ceases to have effect when lapsed, expired, surrendered, suspended or revoked
  • can be used anywhere in England and Wales


Before you can apply for a personal licence, you will first need to complete a qualification known as the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH).

The Government maintains a list of qualification providers who issue this qualification.

Contact the the qualification providers directly for details of their course.

The application process

We can only accept your application if you live in Dacorum (or if you live outside of England and Wales).

You can download the application form using the link further down this page. Please send your completed application form to: Licensing, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1DN, together with payment of the application fee (£37) and the following documentation: 

  • two passport photos, one of which has been endorsed (by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing in the community or an individual with a professional qualification) with a statement that the photo is a true likeness of the applicant
  • the certificate issued after passing the accredited training course
  • a completed 'Disclosure of Criminal Convictions' form (supplied with the application form)
  • a criminal record certificate, issued within the last month, such as a Basic Disclosure or a PNC check. To request an application for a PNC check, contact Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Please see our application forms page for all of our personal licence application forms.

Relevant and foreign offences

You must declare any convictions that are deemed to be 'relevant' as defined by the Licensing Act 2003, as well as foreign offences - that is any equivalent offences committed in any place other than England and Wales. This means that a conviction for an offence designated as relevant must - unless it is spent - be taken into account by us when we consider an application for a personal licence.

Any personal licence holder charged with a relevant offence must tell the Court that they hold a personal licence before the end of their first Court appearance. If the personal licence holder is convicted of a relevant offence, the personal licence could be forfeited or suspended.

  Relevant offences for personal licences (PDF 447 KB)

Where there are convictions on an application that are both relevant and unspent, we are required to notify the Police. The Police may then wish to object to the granting of the application on crime prevention grounds. If that is the case, a panel made up of three members of our Licensing Committee will determine the application.

Change of name and/or address

Personal licence holders must, if they change their name and/or address details, notify us. We have provided a notification form for personal licence holders to submit this information.

Duration and renewals

It is no longer necessary for personal licence holders to renew their licences.

Personal licences will cease to be valid in the following circumstances:

  • if the holder dies
  • if the licence is surrendered by the holder (for example, if they no longer work in the licensed trade and return the licence to us)
  • if we revoke the licence, due to the holder being convicted of a relevant offence while we were considering their application
  • if a court orders the forfeiture of the licence, as part of a sentence following conviction for a relevant offence.

If your licence has been damaged or lost and you need a replacement, we will issue one on receipt of a written request and payment of the prescribed fee of £10.50.

More information

For further information about personal licences, or to discuss any particular issues, please email us at, or phone us on 01442 228470 or 228860.