Hemel Hempstead Neighbourhood Centres

Hemel Hempstead has several local neighbourhood centres which provide valuable services to the local community. However, the appearance and design of some of these centres need upgrading. 

The Hemel 2020 Vision is to create individual centres which are attractive and secure, to serve the community and to attract thriving business and services.

Working with Neighbourhood Action groups, the vision will deliver the communities' needs, including lighting, CCTV, planting painting and other physical improvements.

Work is already underway at three of Hemel Hempstead's neighbourhood centres: Rossgate (Gadebridge), Bellgate and The Heights (Highfield). New bins have been installed, lighting is being improved and new planters are also due to be installed.

A further three neighbourhood centres have been identified for improvements - Queens Square (Adeyfield), Henry Wells Square (Grovehill) and Bennetts Gate (Bennetts End). Council officers have met with the community action groups and priorities have been discussed. As above, these include new bins, lighting and planters and other requests have included seating areas and improvements to the paving.

All the centres have requested improved CCTV, which we are currently looking into. It is likely that the centres will have CCTV improvements implemented at the same time. Other areas which are being looked into include improved recycling facilities, as well as increased/improved parking areas.

We are also exploring a Community Payback project in partnership with the Probation Service. This would allow the areas to be redecorated and maintained into the future.