Grovehill Future meetings

The group meets once a month and new members are always welcome. To join in, just turn up to one of the meetings. You only need to attend three meetings to be a voting member once the Neighbourhood Forum is approved.

For more information, or to join the group, please visit the Grovehill Future website

Upcoming meetings 

Meetings will usually be held on the first Monday of each month in the Church Hall adjacent to Grovehill Community Centre at 7pm (unless otherwise stated).

Agenda for next meeting 

Will be published on the meetings page of the Grovehill Future website prior to the meeting.

Minutes of previous meetings

These can also be found on the meetings page of the Grovehill Future website.

Warning signWe will be collecting bins from roads where it is safe to do so. Please leave your bins out for collection. If your bins have not yet been collected, leave them on the boundary of your property and we will collect them as soon as conditions allow. ×