Site Allocations

The Site Allocations demonstrate how the policies and proposals set out in Dacorum’s adopted Core Strategy (September 2013) will be delivered. The Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) will allocate land for housing for 20 years. It will also allocate land for other specific proposals, such as retail and employment uses. All proposals will be shown on the proposals map.

Site Allocations DPD main modification consultation

Inspector’s Report received on the Site Allocations examination

On Thursday 6 April 2017 we received the Planning Inspector’s final report on the Site Allocations DPD. This report requires a series of Main Modifications to be made to the plan before it can be formally adopted by the Council.

See below for the Planning Inspector's final report and Main Modification Schedule:

Final adoption of the Site Allocations DPD will be considered at the May 2017 Cabinet meeting, before being referred to full Council in July 2017.

Site Allocations examination - modifications consultation

A key part of the examination process is the public hearings. These were held at the Civic Centre between 4 and 13 October 2016 (please see our Site Allocations Examination 2016/2017 page for more details). There were separate hearing sessions for a range of topic and site-based issues, with key sessions relating to consideration of Gypsy and Traveller pitches, and policies relating to the six Local Allocations – particular the three largest sites: LA1: Marchmont Farm, LA3: West Hemel Hempstead and LA5: Icknield Way, Tring.

Following discussion at these hearings sessions, and receipt of a formal interim note from the Planning Inspector, we proposed 'Main Modifications'. The modifications affect a number of the allocations in terms of their timings, capacities and planning requirements. 

A Sustainability Report Addendum, which assesses the potential social, economic and environmental implications of the modifications, has also been published.

A consultation on these modifications was held in early 2017. To view the documents and comments submitted, please visit our consultation portal.

The Inspector is now considering whether the submitted plan is ‘sound’ with the proposed modifications. If so, it can be adopted by us and become part of the statutory development plan for the borough. 

Public Examination 2016

On Friday 5 February 2016, we submitted our Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) to the Planning Inspectorate (acting on behalf of the Department for Community and Local Government) for public examination.

For more details, please see our Site Allocations Examination page.

The submission of the Site Allocations follows consultation on the Site Allocations Pre-Submission document in September 2014 and the Pre-Submission Focused Changes consultation in August 2015.

Pre-submission stage

2015 Focused Changes to the Pre-Submission Site Allocations

On 12 August 2015 we published a consultation document highlighting a limited number of changes to the Site Allocations document. Consultation on this document ran for six weeks. Comments were passed to the Planning Inspector and taken into account as part of the independent examination process.

For further information, please see our Site Allocations 2015 page.

2014 Pre-submission Site Allocations

The Pre-submission Site Allocations document was published on 24 September 2014 for public consultation for six weeks. More information is available on our Site Allocations 2014 page.

Call for Sites 2014

Between January and March 2014 we invited the public, developers and landowners to submit details of sites that they considered suitable for development over the next 20 years or more. For more information, please see our calls for potential development sites page.

Issues and options stage

November 2008 Supplementary Issues and Options Paper (including Gypsy and Traveller Sites)

This consultation began on 3 November 2008 and closed on 19 December 2008.

Read the documents relating to the consultation in November 2008

November 2006 Issues and Options Consultation

An 11-week consultation began on 29 November 2006 and finished on 16 February 2007.

Read the documents relating to the consultation:

Guide to valid planning considerations and racial comments

We want to ensure that all comments focus on planning issues and can help us reach informed decisions. The following note offers guidance on matters that we will take into account and matters we cannot.

When handling a sensitive and potentially controversial subject, it is important that:

  • responses are written carefully and with respect for the subject and all people concerned.

This means you should:

  • concentrate on the planning issues; and
  • avoid any form of offensiveness to a particular racial or ethnic group (for example Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers).

What is a valid planning concern?

Valid planning considerations

Things you can reasonably raise with us as a valid concern in relation to planning issues are as follows:

  • conflict with planning policy: for example, development on the Green Belt
  • affect on the landscape, hedgerows and trees
  • affect on important environmental areas, such as wildlife sites or ancient monuments
  • flood risk, drainage effects
  • contamination/pollution issues
  • traffic generation, access, road safety
  • availability of infrastructure – for example, roads and schools
  • loss of current land use
  • competing land uses for the site
  • alternative locations.

Matters which are not planning considerations

  • the intended user of the development – it is the use of the site in planning terms not assumptions made about the future behaviour of the intended occupants that is important
  • devaluation of property
  • ownership
  • whether the intended user is liked/disliked, trusted/not trusted.

Offensiveness to any racial group

Representations should not:

  • be abusive, insulting, stereotyping or threatening;
  • seek to apply pressure to discriminate against racial groups; or
  • seek to incite hatred or contempt.