Local land charges

A local land charges search gives property purchasers information about the property, such as conservation areas, tree preservation areas, conditional planning permissions, financial charges and several other types of charge. Although it is often completed by a solicitor acting on behalf of a purchaser, it is possible to organise it yourself.

VAT charges

HMRC has taken the decision to charge VAT for CON29 services. However, this has now been deferred until further notice. When it does go live, we will be issuing a VAT receipt for search fees or a statement of payment. For further information, please contact us on the email address at the bottom of this page.

What is contained in a local authority search and how much does it cost?

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  • LLC1 – the Official Certificate of Search

    This reveals the entries on the Land Charges Register. This would include (if applicable to the property): planning history of the property; tree preservation orders; listed building status and conservation area status.

    It costs £30 for any kind of property.

  • CON29 – the Enquiries of Local Authority form

    CON29 includes: highways information, public footpaths, building control, compulsory purchase orders, proposed tree preservation orders, proposed enforcement actions.

    Many of these replies are not to be found on statutory public registers.

    It costs £69 for residential properties and £160 for commercial properties.

  • CON29O – the Optional Enquiries of Local Authority form

    Examples of information that can be requested: advertisement signs, completion notices, national parks and countryside, noise abatement.

    These cost £12 per question. Question 22 costs £20.

  • CON29 – the Enquiries of Local Authority forms 2016
    To obtain the forms and guidance notes, please visit The Law Society website.
  • How much does it cost?
    Local Land Charges search costs
    Search type Fee
    LLC1 and CON29R (residential properties) £99
    LLCI and CON29R (commercial properties) £190
    LLC1 (search of Land Charges Register only) £30
    CON29R only (residential properties) £69
    CON29R only (commercial properties) £160
    CON29O enquiries £12 each (except Q22 - commons search)
    CON29O Q22 - commons search £20
    Extra parcels of land £20
    Additional solicitors' questions Please contact the relevant department directly

    The decision to charge VAT has been deferred until further notice. When the fees go live, it would be appreciated if all our customers who pay by BACS could break down the payment details into VAT payable and non VAT payable, together with the total amount, on their statement of payment email.

How to request a search


You can apply online through the National Land Information service (NLIS). Conveyancers and solicitors are aware of this option. Visit www.nlis.org.uk for further details.

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