Building Regulations forms and fees


View or download our current Building Regulations forms below:


Changes to the Building Control Charging Scheme

From 6 April 2017, the Building Control Charging Scheme will be changing.

To view our revised fees, please see below. To view a copy of our revised charging scheme, please see the Charges Scheme section at the bottom of the page.

Current Building Regulations fees

Building Regulations fees from 6 April 2017

For more information regarding our charges, please contact our general enquiry/administration team at

Payment options

Building Regulations applications can now be paid by credit/debit card at our Customer Services Centre in The Forum, Hemel Hempstead, or by calling 01442 228000 and stating "payments". Cheque payments in person or by post are also accepted. Please make cheques payable to Dacorum Borough Council.

Please note: There is now an additional charge of 2.5 per cent for credit card payments´╗┐.

Approvals and completion letters

Additional approval letters (not available for Building Notice applications), and additional copies of completion letters may be available on request - email Please note that the above documents may only be provided to the original applicant or current owner of the property.

Should additional documents be available, each document is charged at £15 (£18 including VAT). Full payment details will be provided with our initial response.

Please note: From 6 April 2017 the charge for a copy document will be £16.50 without VAT, and £19.80 including VAT.

Our general enquiry/administration team will respond to any requests within 10 working days.For further information on the above, please email

Charges scheme

Current charging scheme

 Building regulation and associated matters charging scheme (PDF 127 KB)

Charging scheme from 6 April 2017

 Building regulation and associated matters charging scheme 2017 (PDF 211KB)