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Changes to the Housing Allocations Policy

We reviewed the Housing Allocations Policy in 2017 and made some changes to the way we allocate council housing. This helps us to make sure that council homes go to people in greatest housing need and that we make the best use of our resources.

This policy will take effect from April 2018.

Changes include:

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  • Removal of the Deferred Register

    Housing applicants on our Deferred Register are not eligible to bid on housing. Removing the Deferred Register makes better use of our resources because we will no longer maintain thousands of records for applicants with no realistic chance of being offered social housing.

    If an applicant's housing needs change, they should make a new application on the Moving with Dacorum website and we will assess whether they are eligible to join the housing register.

    Removing the Deferred Register in its current form will avoid any false hope applicants may have and encourage them to explore other options to improve their current situation.

    If you are on the Deferred Register because you are eligible for a direct offer of housing, but not able to bid on properties, then you will remain on the Deferred Register until you are housed.

  • Single offer policy

    Any applicant who refuses a property that they have bid on will not be allowed to bid for the next six months, unless there is a valid reason why the home offered to them is no longer suitable for their housing need.

  • Ensuring the local connection requirement avoids discrimination

    If the local connection criteria contradicts equality and diversity legislation, for example, in the case of a traveller family, the Housing Panel will assess applications on a case-by-case basis.

  • Addressing applicants with rent arrears

    Applicants will not qualify if there is evidence that they or a member of the household has property-related arrears owed to us (including Council Tax), a housing association or a private rented sector landlord, unless six months of regular repayments have been made and these repayments have been shown to reduce the debt.

  • Clarifying changes in child residency arrangements

    The new policy gives detailed guidance on which child residency arrangements we consider when calculating the number of bedrooms a household is entitled to.

  • Providing direct offers to applicants in mother and baby units

    A direct offer means that an applicant will not bid on properties, but will receive one offer of suitable accommodation.

  • Review of downsizing points awarded

    Applicants who wish to downsize will receive points based on how many bedrooms they would like to downsize by.

  • Training for transferring tenants with a history of tenancy breaches

    We will require transfer applicants with a history of tenancy breaches to complete a pre-tenancy training course as part of the approval process.

  • Clarifying the approach to step-siblings sharing bedrooms

    We expect siblings and step-siblings to share bedrooms in line with our own standards and national bedroom standards.

    For more information about our bedroom standard, please see  Tenants' Handbook - bedroom standards (PDF 278KB).

  • Approach to letting village properties

    People bidding on a property in a village, with a local connection to that village (known as village connection), will be considered above applicants without a village connection.

  • Allocating two-bedroom Supported Housing properties

    The majority of our Supported Housing homes are one bedroom. However, on occasion, a two-bedroom property may become available. In these cases, the Housing Panel will consider the allocation of these properties on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please read our  Housing Allocations Policy 2017 (PDF 917KB)