New council homes

We're working hard to build new affordable homes in Dacorum. A new strategy to build at least 300 new homes between 2013 and 2020 was launched in November 2013.

We're proud to be a member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB). All new housing developments will meet excellent energy efficiency standards.

Homes in development

Former Martindale School site, Hemel Hempstead

The site of this former primary schoolFormer Martindale School development in Boxted Road will provide around 66 new homes.

We're hoping to build a total of 19 one- and two-bedroom flats for social rent, plus 47 two- and three-bedroom houses for a mix of rent and market sale.

We held a consultation event for local residents on 20 July 2017 where we presented the  Martindale Public Consultation Boards (PDF 4MB), which have information about the proposed plans and the changes we have made since our first consultation event.

We have now completed the Flood Risk Assessment and Transport Assessment, and submitted an application for planning permission.

We hope to start the main construction of this development in 2018.

Kylna Court, Maylands

Wood House developmentThis site is former industrial land, once known as Wood House, in Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead.

This will consist of 79 one- and two-bedroom flats for social rent. Part of the ground floor will provide additional business offices to the Maylands Business Centre.

We have installed a live feed camera on the site so that we can share the progress of this development. And you can also see how things have taken shape over time by watching the time lapse video.

Jarvis Contracting Ltd, the main builder, began work on site last year. We have constructed the concrete frame and floors and are now working on the internal and external finishes. The project is expected to be complete in late autumn 2018.

Stationers Place, Apsley

Stationers Place

This project will consist of 31 one- and two-bedroom flats for social rent. The development is next to the old Apsley paper mill buildings and the canal.

Jarvis Contracting Ltd has been appointed as the main contractor on this project and they are currently liaising with the Environment Agency who are responsible for the canal and lock at the rear of the site.

This is to establish an agreed process to open up the culvert that runs under the end of the site. Once the detail of this work has been agreed, we will move forward with the development.

Swing Gate Lane, Berkhamsted

Swing Gate Lane development

This development will consist of six one-bedroom and three two-bedroom flats.

In addition, there are buildings to one side of the site, which will be retained and converted into housing.

Planning permission was awarded and construction started in June 2017. The homes will be finished by late summer 2018.

Completed homes

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  • Farm Place, Berkhamsted
    Photo of Farm Place, Berkhamsted

    The 26 new homes at the Northchurch end of Berkhamsted were handed over to their new tenants in summer 2015.

    The development consists of 12 one-bedroom flats, eight two-bedroom flats and six three-bedroom houses.

    These homes were built to the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 standard, making them some of the most energy efficient in the borough.

  • St Peter's Court, The Nokes, Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead
    The Nokes - St Peters Court

    Nine two-bedroom flats were built on the site of a former church. Architects Chambers Goodwin and Partners used an innovative, energy-efficient technique called 'Passivhaus'.

    The building is one of only a handful of developments in the country to be constructed using this technique.

    You can find more information about Passivhaus on the Passivhaus website.

  • The Elms homeless hostel, Hemel Hempstead
    The Elms aerial view

    The Elms is a 41-bed homeless hostel, providing a range of support for some of the most vulnerable households in Dacorum.

    We work closely with Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter (DENS), who were awarded the management agent contract at The Elms. DENS is managing the building and working with us to provide high-quality services to hostel residents.

    The Elms includes a social space where residents can spend time relaxing and interacting with each other, and an IT room in which they can gain qualifications, build their CVs and apply for jobs. This helps them become more independent and employable. There is also an allotment for those who enjoy gardening.

    Residents can be supported by DENS in building independent living skills and finding future homes.

  • Aspen Court, London Road, Apsley
    Aspen Court

    We have built 13 one-bedroom flats, 23 two-bedroom flats and two retail units at Aspen Court, London Road, Apsley. All these homes will be for social rent.

    This development was completed in the summer of 2016.

  • Elizabeth Court, Queen Street, Tring

    Completed Queen Street developmentWe have built four two-bedroom flats and one three-bedroom house for social rent on the site of our former depot in Tring.

    These homes were completed in September 2016 and will provide homes for families in housing need and with a local connection to Tring.

  • Able House, Hemel Hempstead
    Able House

    In the heart of Hemel Hempstead Old Town, this development was built on the site of a former office block. It is providing 14 new flats - four two-bedroom and 10 one-bedroom - for social rent.

    This development was completed in spring 2017.