Dacorum Online Training (DOT)

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Dacorum Online Training (DOT) is an online portal that provides free training and wellbeing courses for all - for example, Being Resilient, Beating the Common Forms of Stress, and basic budgeting courses. These courses contain a wealth of information to help with personal growth and knowledge of both housing and general wellbeing.

How do I get involved?

Both existing tenants and housing applicants can get involved in DOT.

Existing tenants

Existing tenants can self-refer for any DOT courses by visiting the DOT website.

Housing applicants

Housing applicants may be referred for pre-tenancy training by a Housing Officer - there are six bite-size training courses, plus a feedback page, to complete. Currently, there are five extra points available to those who complete the DOT Pre-tenancy training course for the first time. Applicants who have already been awarded five points when attending face-to-face training will not gain extra points, but we still encourage them to complete the online training.

Similarly, those who are on the transfer list are not eligible for the additional five points.

More information

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email talk-to-us@dacorum.gov.uk.