Infectious waste collections

Infectious (or clinical) waste is healthcare waste that may become hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it. We provide an infectious waste collection, transportation and disposal service for residents.

What is infectious waste?

  • Infectious (as determined by your GP) bodily fluids, including blood and tissue
  • Infected swabs and dressings

These items will need to be placed in special bags provided by your GP:

  • Syringes and needles – These will be collected by us if they are contained in a special sharps bin. To organise this, please telephone 01442 228000 and ask for 'Clinical Waste' or email

What is offensive waste?

Incontinence products and nappies. Please double wrap these items and put them in your grey bin. These will be collected by the Waste Services team on your regular collection days.

Infectious waste collections for residents

If you need an infectious waste collection, a GP will need to write in to us to request the service on your behalf and will provide you with special colour-coded bags.

You should never put infectious waste in your grey bin or recycling bins.

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