Applying for reviews

We work together with other responsible authorities, such as the Police, and the Environmental Health Department to ensure that premises that have Premises Licenses and Club Premises Certificates operate within the law. However, if there is a problem at a premises that cannot be resolved by enforcement or mediation, then a request can be made to review the licence.

Reviews can be requested by any responsible authority, or the licensing authority, or any other persons, such as residents or businesses, and there is no application fee. Once an application for review has been received a 28-day consultation period will begin, and a notice on light blue paper will be placed both at our offices,and in a prominent position at or near the premises that is being reviewed, giving details of the reason for review, and the closing date for representations.

Representations can be made by anyone, either supporting the review or opposing it but should relate to the four licensing objectives: the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

Following the closing date of the consultation period, the application to review and any representations received will be heard at a meeting of the Licensing of Alcohol and Gambling Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee can decide whether to amend the licence (for example adding further operating conditions), or to suspend the licence, or revoke it.

You can download the application form for applying for a licence to be reviewed, and further guidance notes on the process of making an application, on our application forms page.

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