Results of completed consultation

2018 consultation

Public Spaces Protection Order: Hemel Hempstead Town Centre

Following a public consultation in the summer of 2017, Cabinet has considered the responses received and proposes to make a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in the form of the draft order set out below:

Read the  PSPO report to the Cabinet (PDF 193KB), which considered the consultation responses.

We will now carry out a further statutory consultation for a period of six weeks, which is directed to the Police, landowners and community representatives, and will then decide whether to make the order.

2017 consultation

  • Digital Inclusion: In August 2017 we surveyed 235 residents to find out what support we could provide to help people get online. For some people, the main issue was a lack of access or equipment. Others did not use the internet because they had never learned how to, or felt it wasn’t for them. Stories about cybersecurity had also caused a lack of trust. This research has been really useful in helping shape our thinking and we will shortly be launching a programme of activities, resources and campaigns to help address the key challenges:
  1. Access to the internet
  2. Building digital skills
  3. Motivation to go online
  4. Cyber trust and security

2016 consultation

2015 consultation

  •  Community fair survey report (PDF 198KB) The survey closed on 6 January 2015. The aim was to identify if there's a need for a 2015 community fair. Stakeholders were asked about their experience of the community fairs 2012/13 and their views on a 2015 community fair. The survey was sent to a wide range of Dacorum-based voluntary and community organisations, our staff and other local statutory agencies. 

2014 consultation

2013 consultation

2012 consultation

2011 consultation

Budget 2011/12 consultation

  •  Budget 2011/12 Consultation Summary Report (PDF 591 KB)
    We have carried out various budget consultations with members of the Citizens’ Panel, members of the public, members of the business community and members of staff within the Council. The elements have been summarised in the Budget Overview. The final budget is now being prepared and will be taken to Full Council on 23 February for final approval.

2010 consultation

Citizen Panel Survey Results Autumn 2010

Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Consultation

This survey closed on 7 October 2010. Stakeholders were invited to two briefing sessions where they had the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the framework before completing the consultation. The consultation document was widely disseminated throughout the VCS in Dacorum, to staff, members and other local groups.

The aim was to identify if the framework was comprehensive and for any gaps to be identified.

Community Cohesion Survey

This survey closed at the end of May 2010.  Residents were involved in workshops and had the opportunity to respond to a questionnaire which sought to ascertain their perceptions about the local area. The aim was to identify what was already going on at ground level and how residents felt about this.  This enabled gaps in the service to be identified which shaped future recommendations and an Action Plan for the Community Cohesion agenda in Dacorum. Results and report below:

Two Waters Open Space survey

Members of the public were asked their views on potential improvements to the area surrounding the junction at Two Waters. Download the findings below:

2009 consultation

Consultation strategy

Read our Consultation Strategy.