Pending Portfolio Holder decisions 2020

The following Portfolio Holder decisions will be made soon. Please note that all decisions will be made after a 28-day period.

Pending portfolio holder decisions 2020
Title of the decision Portfolio Holder  If part 2, the reason  Proposed date for the decision to be made Status of the decision 
Delegation to award contracts and suspension of the Council’s Standing Orders for fire safety works at Council-owned blocks of flats.
Councillor Griffiths

That the report contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of particular persons. (LGA 1972, Part VA, Schedule 12A paragraph 3).

7 August  
To advertise and enact The Borough of Dacorum (Hemel Hempstead) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting) (Consolidation) Order 2003 (Amendment) Order 2020. Councillor A Williams   19 August  
Help to Rent policy and Housing Allocation policy amendments  Councillor Griffiths   28 August  

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