Elections 2016

This page contains all the information you need about elections in 2016.

Adeyfield West by-election - Thursday 29 September 2016  

 Notice of vacancy (PDF 103KB)
 Notice of election (PDF 99KB)
 Declaration of result of poll (PDF 74KB)


Results table for the Adeyfield West ward by-election
Candidate  Description  Votes  Elected 
Rachel Catherine Biggs UKIP  115   
Gary Michael Cook  Labour  166   
Adrian England  Liberal Democrats  520  Elected 
Tony Gallagher  Conservative  233   
Angela May Lynch  Green  17   

Turnout: 24.63%

Flamstead Parish by-election - Thursday 15 September 2016

 Notice of election (PDF 98KB)
 Declaration of result of poll (PDF 72KB)


Flamstead Parish by-election
Candidate Description Votes Elected
Sandra Louise Clark 184 Elected
Fiona Elizabeth Macaulay 94

Turnout: 26.4%

EU Referendum - Thursday 23 June 2016

 Notice of referendum (PDF 14KB) 
 Notice of poll and location of polling stations (PDF 75 KB)


EU Referendum result

Votes   Result
Remain a member of the European Union   42,542  49.3%
Leave the European Union   43,702  50.7%

Turnout: 79.1% 

For full results, please visit www.chelmsford.gov.uk/EUref

Tring Rural Parish by-election - Thursday 2 June 2016

 Notice of election (PDF 98KB) 
 Tring Rural Parish Council - Declaration of Result (PDF 73KB)


Tring Rural Parish by-election
Candidate Description  Votes  Elected 
Malcolm Fraser Morgan   244  Elected
Daph Bateman   109   
Mark Anderson  UKIP 18  
Turnout: 32.8%

Police and Crime Commissioner election - Thursday 5 May 2016 

 Notice of election (PDF 84KB) 
 Notice of election addresses (PDF 21KB)
 Notice of polling station locations (PDF 90KB)


Police and Crime Commissioner election
Name/party 1st preference votes received  2nd preference votes received  Total votes received  Elected

David Edward Lloyd (Conservative)





Kerry Patrick Pollard (Labour)




Chris James White (Liberal Democrats) 38, 488      
Mark James Hughes (UKIP) 33, 575       

29% (Hertfordshire) 17.3% (Dacorum)

Berkhamsted West by-election - Thursday 18 February 2016

 Notice of election (PDF 100KB) 
 Declaration of result of poll (PDF 75KB)


Berkhamsted West by-election
Candidate Description  Votes  Elected 
Michael David Bromberg  Labour 64   
Paul Gregory De Hoest  Green  92   
Colin Witt  Conservative  403   
Gordon Yearwood  507  Liberal Democrats  Elected
Turnout: 24.04%