Electric vehicle charging points

There are five electric vehicle (EV) dual charging points available for public use in the borough:

How does it work?

The EV charging points are operated by Chargemaster. Users need to register on the Chargemaster Polar website to obtain a card to operate the posts. Users can also search by postcode on the website to view ‘live’ availability of charge posts.

How much does it cost?

The ‘pay to use’ tariffs operated by Chargemaster are nine pence per kilowatt hour (plus VAT), with membership of £7.85 per month. These tariffs are broadly comparable to those for private residential EV charging points.

How long will it take to charge my vehicle? 

The EV charging points in Dacorum each have two sockets, allowing slow or fast charging: 

  • Slow charging (up to three kilowatts): Using the standard 13-amp three-pin plug socket, charging an EV usually takes between six and eight hours (depending on battery capacity). 
  • Fast charging (seven kilowatts): Using the ‘Type 2’ socket, charging an EV usually takes between three and four hours (depending on battery capacity). 

The EV charge points are soon to be upgraded - the slow charging facility will be removed and replaced with another fast charging socket. 

What are the benefits of going electric?

The benefits of electric vehicles include:

  • Zero emissions – improving air quality and reducing local air pollution. 
  • Climate change – reducing carbon dioxide from road transport. If electric vehicles are powered by renewably sourced/green tariff electricity then they will help to combat climate change. 
  • Quieter – minimal engine and transmission noise.
  • No Vehicle Excise Duty (vehicle tax).
  • Low running costs - a full charge will cost around £2 to £3 and will give a typical range of 100 miles. In comparison, driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car will typically cost around £10 to £13 in fuel. So for every 1,000 miles you drive, you'll save around £100.
  • London Congestion Charge – electric vehicles are not required to pay the Congestion Charge.

Business benefits

Businesses investing in EVs get the same advantages as those listed above, plus these financial perks for fleets:

  • Low employer National Insurance contributions (and associated lower company car tax for employees). 
  • 100 per cent First Year Capital Allowance for organisations purchasing EVs – allowing the whole cost of purchase to be offset against taxable profits in the first year.
  • No fuel duty payable on electricity.
  • Positive publicity ‘green credentials’.

Incentives and perks

The Government has set up incentive schemes to support and encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

  • Plug-In Vehicle Grant - EV buyers can receive a grant up to £4,500 from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) on a large selection of vehicles. Plug-in van grants are also available, offering the buyers of eligible vans up to £8,000 of the cost of the van. 
  • Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme - a grant of up to £500 is available to contribute towards the cost of a home charging point. 

Contact details

For more information, or to report faults, please contact Chargemaster Polar.

Email: info@polarnetwork.com
Telephone: 0330 016 5126
Website: https://polar-network.com/

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