We spend over £70 million a year obtaining a range of supplies, services and works from the external market. We do this to ensure competition, openness, fairness and accountability. It is our duty to secure value for money in our commissioning and procurement activities. 

Procurement strategy

Our  Commissioning Procurement Strategy 2019-2024 (PDF 1MB) sets out how we intend to work with partners and suppliers to deliver good quality, value for money services, works and supplies. The strategy is supported by our  Commissioning and Procurement Standing Orders 2019-2024 (PDF 2MB).

Tendering for work

We advertise tenders on the Supply Hertfordshire e-tendering portal. Tender documents can be downloaded from the portal and any correspondence regarding tenders must be submitted via the portal. Suppliers must register to use the portal and will receive alerts about relevant tenders from ourselves and other Hertfordshire authorities.

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  • What we buy

    What we buy

    Our spend is split into five categories: Construction, Environmental, Facilities Management, ICT and Professional Services. The data below show how much we spent in each category (figures for 2021-2022):


    Construction spend for 2021/2022
    Sub categoryNet amount
    Building construction materials£6,616,755.17
    Highway equipment and materials£872, 749.46
    Housing management£27,500.00
    Works - construction, repair and maintenance£25,341,334.69


    Environmental spend 2021-2022
    Sub categoryNet amount
    Cemetery and crematorium£29,568.57
    Cleaning and janitorial£184,152.36
    Environmental services£4,525,933.66
    Health and safety£376,637.59
    Public transport£152,716.05
    Sport and playground equipment and maintenance£149,506.29
    Street and traffic management£836,861.51
    Vehicle management£4,252,287.08

    Facilities management

    Facilities management spend 2021-2022
    Sub categoryNet amount
    Facilities and management services£2,824,921.83
    Furniture and soft furnishings£111,498.19
    Mail services£233,224.65


    ICT spend 2021-2022
    Sub categoryNet amount
    Information communication technology£1,886,904.68

    Professional services

    Professional services spend 2021-2022
    Sub categoryNet amount
    Art and leisure services£769,330.96
    Financial services£2,521,431.23
    Human resources£4,259,724.52
    Legal services£213,115.24
    Social community care supplies and services£107,841.65
  • How to become a supplier

    Register your organisation on Supply Hertfordshire’s e-tendering portal to view our current opportunities (plus those of other public bodies across Hertfordshire) and bid for tenders and quotations:

    View tenders and bid

    Other ways to become a supplier

    For smaller value purchases (under £25,000) our services will approach suppliers directly for quotations or use a purchase card (corporate credit card) where appropriate.

    For companies new to the public sector, the website provides a wealth of information to support and inform you.

    If I am a small or local supplier do I have to take part in the tender process?

    Yes. Anyone wishing to supply us, regardless of size, must take part in the tender process. We have a responsibility to comply with both UK and EU procurement regulations.

  • Current contract opportunities

    Our current tender opportunities (over £75,000) can be found on Supply Hertfordshire’s e-tendering portal. You can view opportunities without being registered, but will need to register to express an interest and submit a bid.

    View current opportunities

  • What to expect when tendering

    It may seem daunting to have to complete an online tender if you haven’t done one before. We try to design all our tenders to make it straightforward and easy to complete.

    Here's what to expect:

    • If registered on Supply Hertfordshire’s e-tendering portal, you can express an interest in any opportunity advertised.
    • You can then download and complete the relevant documents, upload your own documents that we request and publish a response to us.
    • We will set a closing date and you will need to publish your response in good time of this date.
    • You can use the message function in the portal to send us questions, queries and information, and we can send you information and clarifications.
    • You are informed of every decision we make online during the process.

    There are help guides in the system as well as a helpdesk that you can call any time. We've taken out the printing costs or the worry of whether your documents are delivered in time.

  • Receiving orders and payments

    Payment queries

    Call us on 01442 228000 and ask for the ‘Payments Team’ quoting your purchase order number or vendor number if you have them.


    • We have implemented a No Purchase Order No Pay policy. We are doing this to reduce processing times, streamline the process for payment of invoices and have greater control over ordering and financial spend. All valid purchase order numbers are seven digits long and start with a '4'.
    • You should not accept a request for goods, works or services without a valid purchase order number. You will receive this by email or occasionally by fax for suppliers without email.
    • Only invoice us when you have received our purchase order number and have supplied the goods and/or services.
    • Our purchase orders will clearly state the goods or services required, quantity and price. The delivery and invoice addresses will be different but clearly marked.
    • Our purchase orders will quote your unique Vendor number. If you need to contact us you should quote this number.

    Help us to pay on time - invoices

    • Your invoices should quote a valid purchase order number, your full business name and address and full details of what has been supplied.
    • Please provide your company registration number, UTR number and/or NI number if you are registered with the HMRC for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
    • Send your invoice as soon as possible after the dispatch of the goods or services you have provided.
    • The invoice must be sent to the 'Invoice to' address shown on our purchase order.
    • Ensure descriptions, prices, quantities match the purchase order.
    • Submit valid VAT invoices (unless you are not registered for VAT).
    • All our invoices are paid using BACS.

    Payment terms

    Our payment terms are 30 days unless otherwise stated.

  • Terms and conditions

    These terms and conditions apply to all purchases of goods, services and works between ourselves and your business as a supplier, service provider or contractor. Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities.

    All our purchase orders are covered by our terms and conditions shown below:

    Supply of goods, works or services under a valid purchase order constitutes your acceptance of these conditions.

    Standard terms and conditions

    If you are asked to sign up to either of the terms and conditions set out below, these will take precedence over any terms and conditions on our purchase order.

    For further details on terms and conditions, please call 01442 228000 and ask for Corporate Procurement or email

Contract register

We have a wide range of supplies, services and works contracts in force at any one time. The key contracts are identified in our contract register, which is updated and published every quarter.

Transparency and open data

As an organisation we understand the importance of being open and transparent about the decisions we take and how and where money is spent.

The 2015 Local Transparency Code sets out a number of key principles that councils must follow to ensure they publish information in a way that is helpful and relevant.

For more information, please visit our Where we spend money page.

Contact us

Telephone: 01442 228933
Corporate Procurement
Dacorum Borough Council
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