Tree update - 24 April 2019

We appreciate there has been confusion over tree felling across different sites and locations. Please see clarification below on who has done what at which site.

Reference to an "admin error" on social media on Tuesday 23 April was down to a miscommunication between agencies (human error), and was not linked to the decision to remove any trees. This has unfortunately been exacerbated across social media due to the involvement of multiple agencies.

Again, we confirm that no trees have been removed in error by Dacorum Borough Council.

Bridle Way

Bridle Way is a Hertfordshire County Council site and any queries relating to this site should be directed to Hertfordshire County Council.

Dacorum Borough Council has no management role or involvement, other than any planning matters which will follow the relevant process.

Hertfordshire County Council recently felled trees at this site for safety purposes. Dacorum Borough Council has had no involvement with regards to the felling of these trees at this site.

Bridgewater Road

Trees on this road are under Hertfordshire County Council ownership, and are managed by Dacorum Borough Council.

Dacorum Borough Council has felled two trees as part of our contractual obligation to Hertfordshire County Council, to maintain the safety of the public highway. These two trees were damaged and needed to be removed.

Replanting will occur in Bridgewater Road during our 2019-2020 planting programme.

Our external arboricultural specialists assess trees for the presence of wildlife prior to works and delay operations if nesting birds are present.

We continue to work in close partnership with our colleagues at Hertfordshire County Council and other agencies, and again apologise for any confusion that social media posts have caused over the past two days with reference to different sites and locations.