Record-breaking Christmas tree recycling day

More than 4,000 residents recycled their Christmas trees free of charge at our chipping points throughout the borough on Sunday (6 January) - making it a record-breaking event.

The annual recycling day, which has been running for 23 years, allows families the chance to give their festive friends the chop at chipping points in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring.

Children joined their parents in waving a final farewell to their trees as they watched the chipper in action. Recyclers were then able to take bags of chippings away with them to reuse in their gardens as a weed preventative. The remaining chippings will be recycled into compost ready to eventually be returned to the soil to help new plants to grow.

Local Scout groups partnered us to run a collection service for any residents who were unable to bring their trees themselves. Scouts from Berkhamsted, Tring, Potten End, Kings Langley, Northchurch and Gossoms End all pulled together, working hard to collect trees from their local areas and bringing these along to chipping sites by the truck load. In total, the scouts collected around 15 per cent more trees compared to last year.

Members of the public visiting the Hemel site, which was held at Cupid Green Depot, also had the rare opportunity of witnessing the mountains of recycling which had been collected in the past week. Compared to the same festive period last year, food waste was down 9 per cent and general waste was also down over 12 per cent - this is a huge success as these figures prove that residents are reducing the amount of waste they create.

Environmental Services Group Manager, Craig Thorpe, said, “Thank you to everyone who has chosen to have a green start to 2019 by recycling their trees with us. We are really pleased that the number of trees being chipped is growing higher each year. A special thanks to the hard work put in by the Scouts to help this happen. This is a great end to a festive season where we have seen a substantial drop in the amount of waste produced, showing that residents are choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

If you want help to become more eco friendly this year, check out our guide, which is full of useful hints and tips on reducing the amount of single-use plastic in your daily routine.

If you missed the Christmas tree chipping day, you can still recycle your real Christmas tree at the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Eastman Way in Hemel Hempstead or in Northbridge Road in Berkhamsted. Trees must not be left at any of the borough’s other recycling sites as this will be treated as fly-tipping.

For more information and advice about recycling, please visit our recycling homepage.