Another great compost giveaway

Free compost giveaway May 2018

On Sunday (13 May 2018) our recycling team dished out free compost to residents.

Ten tonnes of pre-bagged, peat-free compost were given away to residents free of charge in less than two hours to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (6-12 May). Around 400 car-loads of keen gardeners from across the borough came to grab their free bags.

When the gates opened queues of happy, green-fingered residents filled Cupid Green Depot ready to collect their bags of free compost. Many happily told the staff how pleased they were with the freebies and that they were excited to get started on their gardening projects now that summer feels like it has arrived.

The Community Payback team was on hand to load up car boots with the bags so that people did not even need to get out of their cars.

The compost was kindly provided by D Williams and Co - the company responsible for turning the contents of your garden waste bins into compost.

Craig Thorpe, Environmental Services Group Manager for Dacorum Borough Council, said: “This popular event is our opportunity to show residents that the garden waste they put into their green-lidded bins is turned into a quality soil improver, which is ready to be used again in their gardens. This is a perfect example of recycling at its finest. I hope that the event has helped to encourage more people to use the green-lidded bins for their garden waste, or even to try out home composting themselves.” 

The fact that this compost has all come from your green bins, also means that the compost is peat-free. This is important as peat is bad for the environment as its production destroys valuable eco-systems and also releases carbon into the atmosphere - which is bad for climate change. Gardening enthusiasts account for 60 per cent of the peat bought in the UK, so when choosing your compost always look to go peat-free.

Did you miss the giveaway?

You’ll be pleased to know that bags of soil improver produced from your green bins can be purchased from all of Hertfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (tips/dumps) (except Buntingford) for just £5 a bag. To find the location of your nearest recycling centre, visit Hertfordshire County Council's household waste recycling centres page.

Alternatively, you might be interested in creating your own compost. If so, you could get your own home compost bin and transform your fruit and vegetable peelings and garden waste into your own nutrient-rich soil improver. For more information about home composting bins go to our home composting page. You can also find out more information about recycling your household waste and what it gets turned into on our bins and recycling page.