Owners urged to bag and bin dog poo

Owners are being urged to clear up after their dogs

We're urging dog owners to deal with their animal's poo responsibly and put it in a bin.

People who leave full poo bags hanging from trees and fences are still committing an offence - even if they have picked it up off the ground.

Our Dog Warden, Sarah Lewis, said: “We appreciate that people are picking up after their dogs, but to then leave bags hanging from trees and fences is still an offence.

"It’s an eyesore for people trying to enjoy beauty spots in Dacorum as well as being a health hazard. There are dog bins across the borough. Our enforcement officers continue to monitor local neighbourhoods to spot anyone failing to clean up after their dogs responsibly."

You can report dog fouling on our website or by emailing and provide as much information about the incident as possible, including who, where and when the offence was committed.

Dog Fouling Initiative

On Saturday 10 February, Sarah and colleagues will be on hand to advise and raise awareness of the dog fouling issue in the borough. The Warners End, Chaulden and Boxmoor Dog Fouling Initiative takes place at Camelot Rugby Club in Hemel Hempstead from 8am until noon. Dogs and children are all welcome. We will have leads and bandanas for dogs, as well as poo bag holders for their owners.